Swimming in Juice

Is a person ever quite ready to write the first post of a blog? With a strong enough sense of focus and direction? Is a person ever totally ready to go onstage? To jump into a cold pool? One hundred percent prepared to go in for the kiss, or to walk away from the cemetery after a loved one’s funeral? I would submit that there’s no such thing as “ready” for these things, and though self-preservation makes us strive to achieve such a safe and comfortable state, the juiciest meat of life crackles in these moments where we don’t have a structure or form. That feeling of the world falling away, and no framework to hold onto or guide us–I think there’s something much more valuable in that than in the highly composed and reinforced times.

So although I haven’t written a single blog post as I’ve been slowly gathering twigs for my website, fearful of lacking profundity and focus, here I am tonight, writing. Rather than bemoaning the perceived vacuum where solemn inspiration “ought” to be, I swim in the juice of a vast open space. I couldn’t predict what will fill that space if I tried, so join me as I revel in the liberation of no expectations to uphold, or formula to filter, or promise of what this will be. And thank you for reading.

DadScan 11
Dad in Lebanon.

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